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Amos Zolna-San Diego Firearms Instructor

Firearm Safety and Instruction

Learn about firearms and how to safely handle them.

Why Learn About Firearm Safety?

It is essential that everyone who may be exposed to firearms knows how to properly care for, use and store their weapon while avoiding potentially fatal accidents.

Our philosophy is that all families should be safe. If you own a firearm, we believe it is imperative that you have the skills, knowledge and training for self-protection.

If you're mind is set on purchasing a firearm, we help you choose the safest option for self-protection. 

"Unintentional firearm injuries account for  37% of nonfatal firearm injuries" and "2% of all gun deaths"

"Unsafely stored firearms increase the risk of unintentional firearm deaths"


Watch our Videos

Amos Zolna, father, husband and former Israeli military soldier,

is not only highly trained in weaponry and combat,

but is most knowledgeable and passionate about safety.

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All Videos


Book a Firearm Safety Lesson

We provide personalized firearm safety lessons.   

Email or Call to book a package or just one lesson.

New Classes available every Sunday & weekdays upon request.

Single Lesson

Pistol Safety

Indoor range Shooting


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Lesson Package

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Pistol Safety

Indoor range Shooting

More Advanced Outdoor Training

Home Defense Training


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About us

Meet our Instructor

I'm so excited to have you begin or continue your firearms training journey.

This has been my passion for as long as I can remember. The more people who have proper training and firearm knowledge the safer all of our communities will be. My promise to you is that you will understand how to safely use, store and maintain your firearm after taking my course. After completing the full package you will be knowledgable and feel competent to properly defend your home and your family.

Amos Zolna-San Diego Firearms Instructor

Amos Zolna

Licensed Firearm Instructor

Please get in touch with me at (858)688-1063 to chat about your interest in firearm safety and to see how I can be of service. 

Start now


Call now at (858)688-1063 to a get a free consultation.

This is the first step towards getting your own personalized firearm safety instruction and structured lessons.

Sharing Information to Create a Safer World for ALL



keep a gun pointed to a safe direction


keep your finger off the trigger until ready to use


keep the gun unloaded until ready to use


Be very familiar with your firearm and it's capabilities


Proper training and actual shooting experience is vital for any gun owner


Take your skills to the next level. Outdoor training with drills and multiple targets 

Creating a Safer World for ALL

Amos Zolna

Image by Joe Woods

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