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Amos Zolna-San Diego Firearms Instructor

Firearm Safety and Instruction

Learn about firearms and how to safely handle them.

Why Learn About Firearm Safety?

It is essential that everyone who may be exposed to firearms knows how to properly care for, use and store their weapon while avoiding potentially fatal accidents.

Our philosophy is that all families should be safe. If you own a firearm, we believe it is imperative that you have the skills, knowledge and training for self-protection.

If you're mind is set on purchasing a firearm, we help you choose the safest option for self-protection. 

"Unintentional firearm injuries account for  37% of nonfatal firearm injuries" and "2% of all gun deaths"

"Unsafely stored firearms increase the risk of unintentional firearm deaths"


Watch our Videos

Amos Zolna, father, husband and former Israeli military soldier,

is not only highly trained in weaponry and combat,

but is most knowledgeable and passionate about safety.